Yes, You Can Say No

An Adventure in Healing


By Marie Halbrendt Carlson

through these gates - the Bio-Medical Center

Native Wisdom

...everything on earth has a purpose,
every disease an herb to cure it,
and every person a mission.

Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket)

Okanogan Tribe
British Columbia

This is the true account of the reactions of doctors and friends regarding my decision not to accept the belief that the only way to treat cancer is with chemo and/or radiation. The journey I began was an eye opening experience for me in many ways, and it inspired me to write this book. Twenty years have passed, and I am still cancer free thanks to the Hoxsey "time-proven" herbal procedure. I believe the path I followed can benefit virtually everyone.

At a fraction of the cost of standard medical procedures, and with a success rate that is nothing short of impressive, the Hoxsey treatment has added many years of quality life to hundreds of patients who have walked through the door of the Bio-Medical Center. The competent and qualified medical doctors and staff have treated patients arriving, not only from the States, but from many countries world-wide.

The Hoxsey therapy originated in a small town in Illinois a century ago, and by 1950 there were 17 Hoxsey Clinics throughout the United States treating thousands of patients - very successfully. Click links below to learn more......


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