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History of Hoxsey

For the better part of the last century, the Hoxsey Therapy has been used to treat many types of serious and life threatening illnesses... including cancer, often after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have failed, and usually without the need for further conventional medical intervention. 

Originating in the United States ( in a small town in the State of Illinois) a century ago, the success of the Hoxsey therapy spread quickly. By the 1950s seventeen (17) Hoxsey clinics spread across the land, the largest clinic located in Dallas, Texas.

After several years of false accusations by the increasingly strong Medical establishment Mr. Hoxsey made the decision to move the Treatment Center across the border. Although he was continually supported by hundreds of patients, the cost of constantly going to court to prove the accusations had no merit or truth, proved to be to much financially.

In 1963 Harry Hoxsey chose Mildred Nelson as his successor, and she founded the Bio-Medical Center in Mexico. Less than twenty minutes from San Diego, the Bio-Medical Center is located in a residential area on a hill overlooking the city of Tijuana. Over the years Mildred Nelson has expanded and modernized the center, hired and trained a staff of fully licensed, English-speaking MDs and support personnel. She has treated thousands of patients who travel to the Bio-Medical Center from the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries worldwide.

In 1983, a group of independent filmmakers began an extensive, four-year long investigation into the Bio-Medical Center, Mildred Nelson, and the history of the Hoxsey Therapy. The result is the award-winning feature-length documentary film "Hoxsey; Quacks Who Cure Cancer?," a.k.a. How Healing Become a Crime. The film premiered at the prestigious Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York City in September 1987 and was shown numerous times on the Cinamax premium cable television channel and on other broadcasting outlets around the world. In his review of the film, noted New York Times film critic Vincent Canby praised it as "first rate reportage." Hoxsey, the movie, objectively examines the long history of herbal healing, the politics and economics of medicine, the failure of orthodox cancer therapies, and the overwhelming positive experiences of Hoxsey patients. Dramatic, compelling and inspirational, the film unequivocally establishes the Hoxsey Therapy as one of the leading nontoxic cancer treatments available today.

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