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Name: James Catlett, Brunswick, GA
Clinical Diagnosis: Lymphoma
Diagnosed: Octomber 1986
First visit to Bio-Medical Center: June 1987
Date of last visit: March 2005
Health at last report: Very Good

The Hoxsey Therapy has given me a new lease on life. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May 1987. My local doctor said there was no cure for me and that I should enjoy my life now. Do the things I always wanted to do while I still felt like it. That was very scary. I was only 31 years old and thought, like most people, I had a long life ahead of me.

When I was told about Hoxsey, I was very leery. However, I had nothing to lose. I like the relaxed feeling at the Bio-Medical Center and the fact that there was no mention of money until the end of the visit. I felt the staff really cared about me. I went home and followed the doctor's directions closely. I returned in 3 months and was very encouraged by my report. I continued on the Hoxsey Therapy and by October 1988, my cancer was gone.

In one and a half years the tumor in my abdomen, which I was told was the size of a flat football, was gone. Not in remission, but it was gone. Unbelievable! 

Another big thing that is a very big plus with this therapy is that I didn't get sick, well maybe an upset stomach from time to time, but nothing like how sick I would have been if I had gone the Chemotherapy route. 

I have continued with the Hoxsey Therapy and also get check-ups by my local doctor and by the doctors at the Bio-Medical Center. It has been 9 years since I was told the cancer was gone. And I'm happy to say that my health, at this time, is very good.

I am truly grateful for everyone at the Bio-Medical Center for making available a treatment that can help and in some cases cure people with cancer. Thank you very much.

(Signed) James Catlett

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Name: Marie H. Carlson, Holden, MA  
Clinical Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Diagnosed: July 1994 by local MD, confimed by a biospy
First visit to Bio-Medical Center: September 1994
Date of last visit: August 2009
Health at last report: Excellent
Conventional Treatment: Refused

After my breast cancer was confirmed, several doctors in the States recommended surgery, followed by the conventional treatments of radiation, etc. Only someone who has faced this situation can understand the depression one feels when these procedures are explained to them.

Fortunately for me, I had heard of the Bio-Medical Center several years before and after contacting the Clinic and talking to one of the doctors decided to visit the Clinic myself. I found the doctors and staff to be extremely professional, caring and thorough. I decided to follow the Hoxsey Therapy. This was seventeen (17) years ago and I know, without a doubt, that I would not be experiencing the health and energy I now have if I had followed the conventional treatments so well known in the States.

I will always be grateful for the care I received and I know I am far from the only one who feels as I do. The dedication of everyone at the Bio-Medical Center is indeed appreciated by the many patients who have walked through their doors and regained their health.

(Signed) Marie H. Carlson

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Name: Daryl J. Morain 
Clinical Diagnosis: Prostate
Diagnosed: November 1996
First visit to Bio-Medical Center: November 1996
Date of last visit: March 2006
Health at last report: Excellent
Conventional Treatment: None

The Hoxsey treatment is so easy to do and very important. It treats your entire body. Some neighbors wondered - and asked why would you go to Mexico? I told them I Wanted To Live. All the people, staff and doctors, etc. were all very helpful, friendly and very sincere.

I would recommend anyone with cancer and many other health problems - go to the Bio-Medical Center first.

Ever since being on the Hoxsey treatment and diet - I've never felt better in my life.

(Signed) D.J. Morain

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Name: Jeanette Saner, Thompsontown, PA 
Clinical Diagnosis: Skin Cancer 3rd Stage Melanoma
Diagnosed: Biopsy - August 2, 2001
First visit to Bio-Medical Center: October 9, 2001
Date of last visit: April 2006
Health at last report: Excellent

I never had an cancer symptoms and still don't! My dark, slightly bigger mole, only 1mm thick and with all margins clear, on my back - through the dye test and a few bland melanoma cells in the centinel lymph nodes - threw me into "high risk" 3rd stage melanoma! My PA, Hershey Medical Center doctors wanted to keep cutting away, extracting all lymph nodes under each arm followed by Intron A (interferon) treatments. Reading up on the side effect and potential "low quality" of life - we had no peace with their adjuvant therapy.

My husband and I prayed for wisdom and studied the Hoxsey therapy info given us by way of an Iowa farmer, curing himself of prostate cancer. Please get 2-3 opinions. Call the doctors at the Bio-Medical Center. They are very accessible, kind, honest and helpful. They care for you as a person, not a number.

September 2001, Bio-Medical Center told me I had an 80% chance my cancer would not return with their Hoxsey-Therapy. I checked in two weeks later and on October 9, 2001 a urine test revealed a negative result, meaning I was cancer-free, and I still am. I now walk through the Hoxsey therapy supplements and diet to make it all work, as a preventative, until deemed risk free. The diet is hard, takes planning, but easier than some other cancer diets.

FYI- Many organizations give free air travel to and from hospitals and medical centers for you and a family member. Call United Way of America/Delta Sky Wish at 1-404-527-8841 x 7853 or visit the website at: unitedwayatlanta.org, click on Delta Sky Wish Program. 

I speak "Life" into your situation. Cancer does not mean death.

(Signed) Jeanette Saner

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